Paula Grant

paula grant

founder CEO

Paula's story and Flood's story are one in the same. After designing for at more traditional agencies in London and New York in her early career, Paula was given the amazing opportunity to help build a brand from scratch as founder/investor. She left her job and started her own company in 2001. The brand was Fuze, which eventually sold to Coca-Cola. The experience changed her view of what design can accomplish and more importantly, gave her an empathy and insight for marketing that no other agency role could provide. Flood has grown over the years but Paula's initial entrepreneurial passion still remains. Although she still likes to get her hands dirty in projects, her main role is to ensure the power of design is opening minds…and opening doors.

In addition to Flood, Paula enjoys staying in touch with her beverage roots by speaking at BevNet, is on the executive board of AIGA Brand Central and visits students at SUNY and other campuses in NY to share her story. You might catch her on the weekends taking the occasional motorcycle ride or doing yoga to blow off steam.