tried and true

The Wellements Baby line has a tried and true reputation for natural and effective remedies. Demand for natural products meant that there was more competition in the category and this line needed to update its image. Since trusted remedies are passed on from older parents to newer ones, we wanted to make sure this line was still recognizable to the loyal, experienced moms. Our goal was to move on the design in a way that would not lose important ‘brand ambassadors’ and help new parents understand the benefits of this natural brand.

Initial success of the new design opened doors in the personal care category with buyers, and the brand has since expanded into a whole new line of products.

It's always nice when a brand team invites you to participate in all facets of the brand's visual language. This was the case for Wellements, who allowed us to design their booth for ExpoWest 2014 announcing the redesign of remedies as well as announcing personal care for the first time.